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Hello! I am a 22 year old female looking to form a team of actors, actresses, film-editors, illustrators and just everyone interested in the tv/film industry. If you feel like you can help with sound or camera or anything else you are welcome to react to the post. I myself am a student of business and try to do some acting gigs here and there in my free time. My plan is to make short films/series in English. This will open the door for some young people in NL who don't speak Dutch or are not fluent in it but still want to develop themselves in their craft. However, other languages may also be taken into consideration for some productions. One of the goals is to have a group of people who come up with ideas together or individually, we discuss and review them and ultimately execute them. It will be a lot about experimenting with our crafts, shedding light on important topics and just having fun. The group would consist of people between 17-25 who live in Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Den Haag/ Utrecht etc. I live in Rotterdam so I would prefer people who live nearby for the get-togethers and planning of things but you are welcome to react no matter where in NL you live.

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Actors/Actresses/Film-editors/Producers/Writers etc. Everyone interested in the tv/film industry.


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The main goal will be to gain experience in our crafts as well as learning from each other. Additionally, we will also be building our portfolios.

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